3.5 Employ Auto Scaling

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

Employ Auto Scaling (image from Amazon Web Services)


Employ Auto Scaling

Employ Auto Scaling from the command line.

  1. SSH into the AWS CLI Environment that you setup in section 1.1 and type a command similar to the following: (NOTE: Your group id will be different than the one listed below)
    $ as-create-launch-config ditcconfig --image-id ami-6c24fc05 --instance-type t1.micro --key ditc --group sg-5fdc7237	
  2. To setup an auto scaling group, from the same AWS CLI environment, type:
    $ as-create-auto-scaling-group ditcgroup --availability-zones us-east-1a --launch-configuration ditcconfig --min-size 1 --max-size 2 --load-balancers ditcelb
  3. To verify that the Auto Scaling Group was created, type as-describe-auto-scaling-groups from your AWS utility instance.
    $ as-describe-auto-scaling-groups
  4. To verify that the Launch Configuration was created, type as-describe-launch-configs from your AWS utility instance.
    $ as-describe-launch-configs
  5. To delete the Auto Scaling Group, type as-delete-auto-scaling-group from your AWS utility instance.
    $ as-delete-auto-scaling-group ditcgroup
  6. To delete the Launch Configuration, type as-delete-launch-config from your AWS utility instance.
    $ as-delete-launch-config ditcconfig