6.1 Script a build

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

Create a build script

  1. From your AWSCLI instance go to sample_app, open some build scripts.
  2. $ cd /home/ec2-user/sample_app/
    $ sudo vim Rakefile
    Open the build tasks.
    $ cd /home/ec2-user/sample_app/lib/tasks
    $ sudo vim sample_data.rake
  3. You can also find these files by going to https://github.com/stelligent/sample_app/blob/master/Rakefile and https://github.com/stelligent/sample_app/blob/master/lib/tasks/sample_data.rake.
  4. Make a modification to the contents of the file and save it.
  5. Add the file in Git
    $ git add .
  6. Commit the file to Git
    $ git commit -m "Modified deployment script"
  7. Push it to the Git master.
    $ git push