Course-Specific Resources

  1. AWS Console:
  2. Java/Ant/MySQL/Tomcat/Linux example application code AND CD platform:
  3. Rails/Rake/HSQL/Passenger/Linux example AND CD platform:
  4. CD platform for Rails app above:
  5. Puppet code for Rails example app:
  6. Java/Ant/MySQL/Tomcat/Linux example application code AND CD platform using SVN:

Recommended Books, Articles and Blogs

  1. Continuous Delivery (Humble and Farley).
  2. Continuous Integration (Duvall, et al.).
  3. Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash.
  4. Recipes for Continuous Database Integration (Sadalage).
  5. Refactoring Databases (Ambler and Sadalage).
  6. Software Configuration Management Patterns (Berczuk and Appleton).
  7. The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (Goldratt).
  8. Continuous Delivery Tools List.


  1. Instructions to Provision, Build and Deploy Java web application:
  2. Using different AWS Regions, append the following to AWS Management Console pages: home?region=us-east-1 OR home?region=ap-southeast-1.

AWS Links

  1. AWS Management Console:
  2. CloudFormation:
  3. EC2:
  4. Security Groups (EC2):
  5. Key Pairs (EC2):
  6. CloudFormation - Singapore (if necessary):

Collaboration and Links

  1. Continuous Delivery Tools List

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  1. Eclipse. Download from
  2. TextMate. Download 30-day trial for Mac from and 30-day trial for Windows from
  3. TextEdit. Download from
  4. Cheat sheet for vi commands: Have a look at as well.

Secure Shell Software

  1. Putty (Windows). Download from

Development Platforms

  1. Java. Download from
  2. Ruby. Download from


  1. Ant. Download from
    List of Ant tasks:
  2. Maven. Download from
  3. Rake. Download from

Version Control Systems

  1. Git. Download from
    Git Quick Reference
  2. Subversion. Download from


  1. Bash Shell. Learn more at
  2. Capistrano. Download from
  3. Ant and JSch. Download from

Infrastructure Automation

  1. CloudFormation. Download from
  2. Puppet. Download from

Continuous Integration

  1. Jenkins. Download from
  2. Jenkins Plugins. Download from


  1. HSQL. Download from
  2. MySQL. Download from

Application Containers

  1. Tomcat. Download from
  2. Passenger. Download from

Web Containers

  1. Apache. Download from

Domain Name Service

  1. Route 53. Go to


  1. EC2. Go to


  1. S3. Go to


  1. SQS. Go to


  1. JUnit. Download from
  2. Cucumber. Download from
  3. Selenium. Download from

Static Analysis

  1. JavaNCSS. Download from
  2. Cobertura. Download from
  3. Sonar. Download from
  4. CheckStyle. Download from